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Welcome to Randolph, a traditional, small town community located about an hour north of Madison, bound by two counties, Dodge and Columbia and within 5 miles of fishing and recreational lakes, which include Beaver Dam Lake and Fox Lake.

The village has a strong agricultural economic support from the many farmers in the area. It is proud of that heritage.

Randolph offers peaceful residential neighborhoods, quality schools (public and parochial), a variety of churches and recreational opportunities, with a beautiful park and a pool.

Randolph features a book and gift store, 2 resale stores, a print shop, plumbing, heating and electrical shops, auto mechanics, gas and convenience stores, a large grocery store, fitness studio, beauty salon, tanning salon, coffee & gift shop and much more. There are home based businesses such as embroidery, screen printing and quilting.  

Randolph is proud to have two banks, a pharmacy, medical clinic, chiropractic office, 2 veterinarians, a dental office, several insurance agencies, nursing home, residential care apartments, day care services, restaurants and eateries. 

Our largest employer is Jung Garden Center. They have been in Randolph for over 100 years.

The 2017-2018 school year began for all preK-12 students in an $18.5 million renovation and addition which created a single school campus housing all grades.  Education is an important part of Randolph as witnessed by this new campus as well as two private schools...Randolph Christian School which is a preK-8 and Faith Christian School which serves students in preK-12.

Randolph’s economic development committee is here to meet the needs of existing business and industries, and can accommodate and provide financial incentives for new industries seeking to relocate or expand in its growing business park.

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